“Ingenium was the driving force behind me going to study music.

I am now almost two terms through my music degree at the University of Birmingham. The fact that I chose this path is down to Ingenium - I made considerable progress in my conducting technique (with particular reference to irregular time signatures), and the solid grounding of the Ingenium courses allowed me to successfully audition to conduct the University of Birmingham Saxophone Choir. Recently, I have successfully auditioned for the same ensemble and have also received a tenure with the SATB Chamber Choir for Autumn term 2019.

The Ingenium Family is a physical representation of the phrase: ‘music is a unifying force’. The fact that one sole purpose, music, brings together young people from so many different cultures and social backgrounds is astounding; keeping in touch with my friends from as far afield as the US, Poland and South Africa is the best consolation for not being in Winchester! Ingenium shows us that all we are all part of a much larger global society.

Without the support I received from the Ingenium Trust I would not have been able to attend at all, and for this I am extremely grateful.”

- Ben, 18, United Kingdom

In two weeks I feel I have learned more than in eight years of practising the piano. I now understand more about what I play, my technique, my sound and my sight-reading has improved.
— Pablo, 16, France
The musicianship sessions gave me an insight into improvisation, a way of making music that I have never done before, and conducting which fascinates me.
— Judith, 17, Germany
In the span of these three weeks I have met the most extraordinary musicians, including staff and students … I love the Ingenium Academy and everyone who belongs to it
— Natalie, 17, Czech Republic
We applied because we thought it would be a good experience for Martí, both as a musician as a person. We want to thank the Ingenium Trust because we could not have afforded the 3 week course, and they have helped us to give him this experience.
— David, father, Spain
I have met new people, learned about different countries and am learning about music in a different way. I’m glad I came here.
— Sari, 16, Palestine
The scholarship gave me the opportunity to come to the UK for the first time which is very exciting, as is the fact that I am here making music with students my age from 37 countries in the world. The experiences I’ve had here have expanded my knowledge in playing the violin hugely, I have learned so much that will help my in my future as a musician! Also I can’t forget the huge number of friends I have made here who all share the same interest. They are the kind of friends that last a lifetime, and I can’t thank the Ingenium Academy enough for that.
— Katrina, 16, Palestine
This is my idea of living: making music, improving and making friends. All you can learn at Ingenium can be summarised in three words: love, music and humanity. It has been the best experience of my life.
— Martí, 17, Spain