The Ingenium Trust are committed to providing bursaries for students who do not have the financial means to meet the summer school fee or their travel costs. Bursaries to attend the Ingenium Academy are awarded in varying amounts and awards are based on family financial circumstances and references, at the discretion of the Ingenium Trust. The Trust consults with the Academy to assess applicant’s musical merit.

The Trust has limited funds but will carefully consider every application for a bursary.  


The Ingenium Trust fundraise continuously throughout the year in order to be able to provide as many bursaries to attend the Ingenium Academy as possible. Our funds are limited and therefore bursaries are means tested and awarded to applicants demonstrating the greatest financial need, in addition to musical talent and potential.

Before submitting an application for funding The Ingenium Trust would like you to consider the following guidelines:

 -       The Ingenium Trust will take into account the annual, gross, family income of the home in which the young person mainly lives, the number of dependent children within that household and any other income the family receives towards the upbringing and musical education of the young person. 

 For UK applicants

-       Your gross annual family income is £40,000 or under: you are likely to be eligible to receive funding

-       Your gross annual family income is between £40,000 - £60,000: you may be eligible to receive funding, depending on the number of dependent children within the household

-       Your gross annual family income is above £60,000: it is unlikely that you will be eligible to receive funding

-       The guidelines above are based on a UK salary.

 For overseas applicants:

-       The same guidelines apply as for UK applicants however salaries will be converted into pounds sterling and living costs in your home country will be compared and carefully considered.  


Please submit your bursary application form alongside your application to the Ingenium Academy as both applications will be reviewed together.

Please find the bursary application form at this link: