The Ingenium Trust provides bursaries to students under the age of 18 from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to assist them in attending the Ingenium Academy International Summer School for Music.

The Ingenium Trust champions the provision of exceptional and specialist music education to young people under the age of 18 through the unique and outstanding opportunity that the Ingenium Academy provides. The Ingenium Trust enables and supports students from the UK and around the world to attend the Academy, regardless of their financial background. Working closely alongside the Academy, the Trust wants to ensure that young people from a variety of backgrounds are able to experience and enjoy the enriching programme that the Ingenium Academy offers.


The Ingenium Trust is a small charity governed by a board of Trustees. The day to day activities of the Trust are managed by one staff member, working one day per week.


We believe that finance should not be a barrier to a first-class musical education. Students with the desire and potential to make music and to earn a living from music-making should have the opportunity to study with professional musicians of the highest calibre.

The Ingenium Trust believes in a musical education which develops:

  • well-rounded, confident, motivated young people with a lasting sense of their achievements and skills that will prepare them for any future path;

  • an international and supportive peer network for young musicians at the start of their careers;

  • a safe, creative and stimulating environment where trust, friendship, self-discipline and fun flourish;

  • a unique opportunity to work with some of the UK’s best classical musicians

  • exceptional music-making, invigorated by extraordinary cultural and social diversity.


The Ingenium Trust is a small charity and relies on donations from individual supporters and grants from Trusts and Foundations. The Ingenium Trust has a pot of funds, which currently support three areas of giving:

1) Bursaries for UK students

2) Bursaries for overseas students

3) Endangered instrument fund

Quite simply, the more money we have in the pot, the more students we can support!


We would like to thank the Postlethwaite Music Foundation for their continued support in assisting with bursaries for UK students.


Haroun in orchestral rehearsal at the Ingenium Academy
I improved musically, I improved my social skills and my confidence.
Ingenium helped me to open my mind, to understand the differences of us as human beings...
I became more aware of myself and more responsible with every aspect of my life!!
— Haroun, bursary recipient, violin student, age 16, Palestine
Roberta singing at the Ingenium Academy
Ingenium is a fantastic experience for young musicians that want to improve and learn more about every aspect of life. The friendships you make are so valuable and the intense music making has an amazing outcome. It is something I would recommend to every young musician. Those three weeks were the best three weeks of my life!
— Roberta, bursary recipient, vocal programme, age 17, Germany
Laurence in a one-to-one lesson
Through the accomplished tutors you get a glimpse of what it might be like to be a professional musician, and their experience means that whether or not you plan on a career in music they can give you invaluable insights into how to develop your playing.
— Laurence, bursary recipient, Saxophone course, age 16, UK